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2023 Annual Convention


Extract from the Canons and Constitution

Business before the Convention

  1. No resolution shall be considered as before the house unless it has been submitted in writing (including electronic submission in a manner approved by the Bishop and the Secretary) and has been received by the Bishop and Secretary four weeks before the opening of Convention to allow distribution to all delegates and introduction by title at Convention.
  2. Any resolution which has not been presented to the Bishop and to the Secretary four weeks prior to the convention date will not be considered as before the House unless copies of such resolution are made available to every delegate and, at Convention, two-thirds of said delegates agree to consider such resolution.

Resolutions Deadline & Submissions

Resolutions should be submitted via email to on or before Friday, October 13.

Submit Resolution

Sample Resolution

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Title: Request for feasibility study for establishing a new congregation.

Proposer: Vestry of St. John by the Pond Church, Enterprise City, Vestry of St. Sebastian’s Arrowville.

Resolved: that the Diocesan Convention direct the Congregational Development Commission to undertake a research project to determine the feasibility and potential success of a new congregation in Jones County, Missouri and be it further,

Resolved: that the Convention allocate $500 from the Church Planting Fund to cover the cost of the study and be it further,

Resolved: that the Convention direct the Commission to report results of the study no later than six weeks prior to the 2014 Diocesan Convention.


Jones County is the third fastest growing geographic area in the diocese. New residents have been attracted by the satellite campus of South Lake Community College, the new microchip factory and the warehouse in Pike Center, the largest town in the county. The availability of jobs and the attractive surroundings of Jones County suggest the likelihood that population will continue to grow.

At this time, the two closest Episcopal Churches are St. Sebastian’s Arrowville and St. John by the pond Enterprise City. Both are more than one hour drive from Pike Center. Within a 25 mile radius of Pike Center, there are only three churches.

The proposers believe that sufficient population exists in Jones County to motivate a study in support of establishing a new congregation of the Episcopal Church. The proposers feel strongly that members of the Congregational Development Commission have the knowledge, expertise and experience to conduct and report a study that would provide additional information pertinent to a decision to establish a new congregation.

Resolutions Adopted

The adopted resolutions will be linked here after the 2023 Annual Convention.