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Access for All God's Children

Advocating for the “differently abled” among us


We are a team of laypersons and clergy of The Diocese of West Missouri that began our work in fall of 2022. Our goal is to assist the church in building awareness and dignified regard for the “differently abled” among us.

We believe we each have a part in making the diocese accessible and accommodating. Broken, challenged, and flawed as we are, each of us has a voice—a calling to serve and include the least among Christ’s own.

When we talk about access for the disabled, we typically think of things like railings, ramps, doorways, entrances, and elevators. Access is more than physical, however; it is about being a church community that welcomes and ministers among all sorts and conditions of people: the visually impaired, hearing impaired, technologically impaired, as well as those with mobility issues.

Access for All God's Children meeting


Dean peter deveau

The Rev. Peter DeVeau


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Gin Miller



  • David Britt
  • Minda Cox
  • The Rev. Meg Rhodes
  • The Rev. Brittany Sparrow Savage
  • The Rev. David Wilcox
  • Lane Vermillion